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Criteria for Graduation Stoles

Graduation stoles and cords, much like a cap and gown, are a sign of participation, excellence and successful completion of what the Department of Athletics offers its student-athletes.  As the department supplies these stoles to graduates of the University, student-athletes must complete item one in addition to one of the sport-specific criteria listed (items two through six) in order to qualify to receive a stole. The stoles are available starting with the Fall 2019 Commencement. To obtain your stole, please contact your head coach or Eric Stark at


  1. Completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree from the University of Michigan-Dearborn.
  2. Good standing at the time of commencement with the Department of Athletics.
  3. Full participation in sport, or fulfillment of the student-athletes terms of attendance while an active member of the team.
  4. Student-athletes that who obtain their degree prior to the expiration of their terms of attendance or ability to participate in four seasons of competition may be eligible.
  5. Student coaches and managers may be eligible with a minimum of two years of participation and the recommendation of the coach.
  6. Extenuating circumstances (i.e. career-ending injuries or other unforeseen occurrences) will be reviewed by department administration following the coach’s recommendation.
  7. Stoles provided by the Department of Athletics are department-specific (not sport).  Recipients will receive only one stole regardless of the volume of participation within the department.